A Letter to Christians, this Easter

Dear Christian, 

Easter Sunday.

In our world, this is the holiday of all holidays. In our book, no other day really quite compares to the day that Jesus laid down his life. No other day really compares to the selfless love that He displayed for us. Yes, Christmas is nice and we'll get all excited about that too.

But Easter? 

Honey, this is the Super Bowl.

Easter is one of the most attended services, clocking in right above Christmas and Mother's Day. Millions of people will be pressing in to a church or service of some sort this Sunday, and more than likely they will be pressing into YOUR church. The parking lot will be full, the service will be crowded and more than likely someone will be sitting in YOUR spot. Before you roll your eyes and get frustrated with people for being a "CEO" Christian (Christmas-Easter-Only), please consider these things:

First, we're all lost without Jesus. ALL of us. Strip us of our titles and theologies we are nothing more than sinners saved by grace and the millions of people joining us this Sunday may be looking for a little of that grace we sing about. They don't need to be reminded that this is their 1st or the 50th time to church, but reminded of the love that Jesus displayed on that cross over 2,000 years ago. Welcome them in with open arms. Help them understand they are among family now and that Jesus died on the cross for them as much as He did for you.

Love them, kind of how Christ.... loves you. 

Second, it only takes *ONE* encounter with God to change a person's life. This Easter may be the one encounter for that person and what a travesty it would be if you and all your mess got in the way of that. What a pity it would be if someone couldn't press in to the love of Christ because you found a way to make it about you. How devastating would it be that someone couldn't experience the hope that we have because we allowed our frustration over being inconvenienced eclipsed the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  How pathetic would it be, if we got in the way.

The entire point of Christianity is to be like Christ and Christ commands us to love God first, then love people (Matthew 22:37-39).

That's it.

Probably the simplest instructions we will ever receive in our life, yet somehow we find a way to complicate it. So this Easter, as the pews inevitably get more crowded, the parking lot a bit more full and you're inconvenienced, remember the love Christ commanded us to have for others. He laid down his life, surely we can give up our seat. 

With love,