My Bucket List: What Curiosity Looks Like to Me

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I love this picture. I wholeheartedly believe that I was getting ready to take on the world in this picture. That at the ripe age of 2 I was determined to conquer the world from that driveway. Some hating adult probably stopped me from going to far after this picture was taken, but just know I was getting ready to take off.  This picture only captures a glimpse of whatever was happening on that driveway but that glimpse has continuously been a glimpse into my true self. 

Legend has it that when I was born, I didn't come out crying, but looking around. I came tumbling in the world while my mom was at a cookout, probably trying to see what all the noise was and to get the recipe for the macaroni & cheese. The same curiosity that brought me into the world is the same curiosity that will carry me through it. I've always wanted to see things. Experience things. I'm never satisfied with the simple answer of how things work or look. It's not enough for me to see the Louvre online, I need to be there. I need to be there with friends or family. & I need to be there alone. Most people are fueled by food, I am fueled by curiosity. 

I always have been. 

During my 30 Days Without Social Media, I took time to create a Bucket List. Creating this list has allowed me to channel this energy into something quantitative, something that can inspire me (or you) when I start feeling lost.  This Bucket List is flexible with room for change as I go along. It's open to new experiences and to old experiences that I want to re-live as an adult. There is no deadline for this list, unless otherwise specified. 

This is what curiosity looks like to me:

United States Travel

Visit Mount Rushmore • Sight see in NY • Go to the west coast • Visit every capital of the US • Road trip across the US • Visit the 4 corners • Grand Canyon • Statue of Liberty • Metropolitan Museum of Art • Modern Museum of Art • Attend a NY Fashion Show • Madame Tussands • Mall of America • Hoover Dam • Participate in a Luau • Go to a Broadway show • Visit the White House • Color Run • Go to Disneyland • Dog Sledding in Alaska • Attend the Super Bowl • Build a house for Habitat of Humanity


See all 7 wonders of the ancient and modern world • Leaning Tower of Pisa • Panama Canal • Solo travel to Europe • Live overseas • Counties I need to see: (list them) • Great Wall of China • Eiffel Tower • African Safari • The Sphinx • Stand on the Equator • Victoria Falls • Stonehenge • Louvre • Float in the Dead Sea in Jordan • The Love Locks Bridge in Paris • Attend Oktoberfest, of age • Running of the bulls • Tomatina • Sistine Chapel • Salar de Uyani, Bolivia • Find the Lochness Monster • Ride a Gondola in Italy • Volunteer overseas • Japanese Cherry Blossoms in Japan

International Places I Need to See (or see again):

London • Germany • France • Italy • Spain • Portugal • Mexico • Morocco • Austria • Netherlands • Canada • Japan • Ireland • India • South Africa • Turkey • Thailand • New Zealand • Australia • Greece • Brazil • Colombia • Peru • Jordan • Israel • The Philippines • China • Argentina • Egypt • UAE • Croatia • Nepal • Cuba • Cambodia • Panama • Korea • Switzerland • Haiti • British Virgin Islands • Bali • Bora Bora

Experiences that could be done anywhere

Zip line • Visit a hot spring, cave, active volcano • Attend a book conference • Meet Oprah and the Obamas • Cook my way through the Joy of Cooking • Eat a 3 star Michelin restaurant • Private showing of a museum • Attend the Olympics • Complete a 5k • Complete a half marathon • Complete a full marathon • Attend a TED Talk, live • Attend a detox spa vacation • See the Northern Lights – Well sorta of anywhere • Stomp grapes to make wine • Hot Air Balloon Ride… in the morning • I guess ski – I am really not into the goal but eh, whatever • Swim with Dolphins • Experience Zero Gravity

Personal Things to Accomplish

I want two healthy kids • Completely pay off all debt • Disposable income by 27 • Student Debt by 29 • Save 1 year of expenses • Buy a home • Buy a car… in CASH • Save for Kids College • Open a retirement account • Retire at 50 with passive income • Meet ideal weight • Take up running and yoga • Meditate consistently • Become a vegetarian for a least a year • Read the entire Bible • Study another religion • Save enough money to take a “sabbatical” from work for 1 year • Find a career I love • Mentor someone after me • Own a business • Build an art collection • Adopt a child • Earn a Masters • Learn Spanish, German and French • *Write and publish a physical book • Write daily • Own a library • Own a bookstore • Start/join/contribute to a reading program • Take a cooking class from a world renowned chef • Teach a class