Little Joys

Happy Monday!

I don't know where you are in the world right now as you're reading this, but in the DMV it's absolutely gorgeous today. I'm going to attempt to bottle up all this sunshine and send it your way. 

Recently, I was reading From Roses' post: Taking Joy From Everything and it inspired me to reflect on the little joys in my life that I tend to forget about or take for granted. Joy, for me, is continuous and built upon tiny things in our life that make up the big picture. The more I look for bits of joy, the more I realize that they're all around me, I'm just not paying attention enough. Here are some my favorites of things I take joy in:

  • Buying new books. I may not read them right way, but I love making the purchase. 
  • Waking up on a Saturday to a freshly clean house because I decided to clean Friday night.
  • A Friday night with nothing to do and a book to read.
  • I'm in love with the scent of lemons and didn't realize it until recently. 
  • Getting halfway through a GOOD book. The halfway point is usually right when the story starts to make sense and the pieces of the puzzle come together. 
  • The window seat of an airplane. 
  • Hitting Publish on a new blog post. 
  • Cooking a meal from scratch (that I've never cooked before) and it coming out well. 
  • The smell of fresh laundry. 
  • Seeing an Amazon Prime box in front on my door when I get home. 
  • Catching great lighting for a selfie. 
  • The way Doritos and Guacamole go perfectly together. 
  • Onions. Everything about them.
  • Buying a bottle of white wine that's already chilled. 
  • The way the iPhone earphones fit in my ear. 
  • Every bedroom that I've ever had from my parent's house to my current apartment has faced the East. I literally wake up to the sun coming through the windows and I love it.
  • Finding the perfect lay around t-shirt. 
  • Dropping my phone and realizing it's not cracked.
  • Getting the perfect amount of dressing for my salad. 
  • Watching TV in bed. Seriously, very little tops this. 

These are just a few of my favorite things joys (too soon for Christmas references?). What are the little joys that you enjoy?