June 26: Love Won

Equality for all! On Friday, June 26, history was made for the LGBT community who have been fighting for the right to HAVE equal rights; and personally I've never been more proud to be an American. In spite of beliefs, popular religions, and ideas, the Supreme Court has passed a monumental decision that will shape the country for the rest of its days. I am filled with so much joy to know that my friends, and my friends' friends have the same rights that I have. On June 26, 2015, love WON. 

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Now, I understand the Supreme Court's ruling goes against the beliefs of the Christian community, however the Supreme Court is here to serve the COUNTRY and not the CHURCH; and the country is made up of more than just one religion. The Unites States was founded behind the principle that anyone can come here and practice whatever religion they choose free of persecution. Due to those principles, the United States have became a melting pot of Americans and there is no possible way the Supreme Court could please all religions, which is why there is separation of Church and State. Because there is a separation of church and state, the ruling for the legalization of same-sex marriage nationwide was the best decision for the entire COUNTRY, not the Church. 

Source: CNN

Source: CNN

As a heterosexual Christian female I have the unpopular opinion of being in FULL support of this and I understand that as a Christian, I might stand alone. However, I also believe that as a Christian, I should be in more support of equality for all than anyone else, and here's why:

I believe in the power of love and grace that Christ extends to me on a daily basis. And if Christ can continue to love ME, who am I to not love the next person, regardless of how they choose to live their life? I hate seeing Christians condemn others because they sin differently than they do. Who are we to pick and choose to love the alcoholic and not the lesbian? To love the man who abuses his wife and not the gay? To love the thief and not the transgender? Christ loved the world, why can't we do the same? 

I'm not saying you have to agree, to support or to celebrate, but you, I, WE, can still LOVE. I'm not God, so I'll leave the heavy lifting of condemnation to Him and do what I'm supposed to do, which is love.