Ode to the McGills

This time of year is always my favorite. June 20-24 is the one time of the year where we (the McGills) all have a day to celebrate. The beginning of summer, my mom’s birthday (20th), Father’s Day (21st) and my birthday (24th) all happen in one week and everybody wins! :)

Without a doubt, my parents are the greatest people that I know. Always positive, rarely have I seen them argue and never have I heard them complain. They’re laid back, fun and have an easiness about them that keeps them hilarious and relatable to just about anyone. Their reach is wide and far that EVERY time I visit the Delmarva area, I’m always asked: “How are your parents? Tell them I said hello!”

When I was younger, I used to hate when MY friends would always ask if my parents could chaperon the field trips, because they were the “cool parents”. When you’re grown at the old age of 9 and you’re trying to be cool, you can’t always have your parents around cramping your style. Now that I’m older, I love that my parents are the “cool parents” and I love that other people love my parents. I love knowing that even though I’m in a different state, my parents are surrounded by loved ones at all times because of their character. I love visiting Kingdom Empowerment Christian Church and seeing how much their members love them as pastors and as people.

My parents’ are often my greatest source of inspiration and lessons. People always say: “well I’m a Daddy’s girl” or “I’m super close with my Mama” but I can truthfully say that I am equally close to them both, maybe because I am an only child. I truly view my parents as one whole rather than two parts, and even though they’re one unit, they have individual strengths that I hope I can take with me in life. I can only hope that I have the ambition of my Father and the openness of my Mother as I move through life. I hope that one day (one day hopefully soon) I can be as diligent with my money as my Dad and as consistent with people as my Mom.

I find it interesting to witness my parents grow into more than just authorities in my life, but now advisors. I once heard this great quote that stated: there comes a time in a parents’ life where you stop becoming the manager of your kid’s life and you become the consultant. I am so glad that I have some of the best consultants around. Consultants that I know will always be in my corner no matter what.

Happy Birthday Mom & Happy Father’s Day Dad, I love you more than 5000 hats! – Your favorite kid.